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Fashion Tips for Short Height Girls | Outfits for Short Girls

As we know, Girls with short height are very worried about themselves and maybe she does not want to look like that. You think that whatever you wear does not look good on you, but it is a totally wrong idea, because you following the wrong fashion trends. But now you don't need to worry about your short height because the Fashion Manntraa has brought the suggestion for you which you like too.

Now, follow the fashion tips and idea's of Fashion Manntraa and looks more trendy or fashionable.

#1. First of all, avoid Horizontal stripes because it's made you short and fat. Vertical or thin stripes are better for you.

#2. Avoid all lengthy boots, skirts, cropped top, and accessories because they tend to make you look thick and heavy.

#3. If you like the Strappy Sandals then you should try to Heels which makes you look taller.

#4. Bags are the accessories which gives girls a pleasant personality. But choosing a right bag can be a complicated thing. As a short girl, don't hide you…

Crewneck T-shirts | Latest trendy t-shirts for girls

Crewneck T-Shirt 

One of our favorite wardrobe classics is getting an update. The crewneck t-shirt is a style staple that requires no improvement, but that doesn't mean we're against playing around with new versions that have a bit of extra flair. A spring and summer micro-trend we're excited about t-shirts done up with a cheeky bit of embroidery across the breast.

Reformation T-shirt

Future State T-shirt

La Ligne T-shirt


  1. Its basically all about trendy accessories and that is what women bother the most which is a good thing because fashion should be the one that is in trends.

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