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Visible Roots Hair Color

Ombre Away

Visible roots used to be considered a beauty faux pas. But with the rise of ombre and balayage hair color, a few inches of natural color regrowth has become a cool look. Add in the fact that touching up between saloon appointments can be high-maintenance and expensive and it's easy to see why people are embracing their roots. 

Root Reveal

There are various ways to achieve intentional roots. One is to cancel that touch-up appointment and let them come in naturally. Fans of ombre or dip dyes can ask their colorists to create a gradient effect that allows the natural hair color to show through. For a completely different take on the trend, try coloring roots and leaving lengths natural.

See the rainbow

Get ready to take that hat off, put down the root concealer products and get inspired by the pretty ways to show off roots.   

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